Monday, 18 June 2012

OAB Olivia continued: Comic strips

Initially it was intended that we would develop the Olivia character for a number of comic strips, and that these would subsequently be used as storyboards for an short animated film. Unfortunately the project got pulled before we could begin any animation but I was still able to put together a few of the comic strips in preparation.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Todd Barry at the Deaf Institute

Todd Barry is really, really funny. You might recognise him from playing jerks in The Wrestler and Flight of the Conchords, or possibly from his appearances in Louie alongside Louis CK. He's also got a few albums on Spotify so if you're not familiar with him, you should investigate further - he's a hoot.

Anyway, I did a limited run of prints for his show in Manchester, and they turned out really well - I still have some left over, so get in touch if you want to order one.

OAB Olivia - character design

I recently did some work developing concepts for a mascot/character to be used to promote awareness of a medical condition known as OAB syndrome. As this stands for over active bladder, they had to handle things in a delicate manner... and so out of these three ideas, the client settled on the more straightforward human character (developed further at the bottom). Whilst I really like the tap concept, I can see how it could be seen as insensitive. I still like the various handles as hats though!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Loads o' Logos

I sometimes get called upon to design logos and icons for corporate use - websites, newsletters, letterheads etc. It can be pretty limiting in terms of being creative, but I do get to try things out on some occasions. Here's a selection of work done for various clients:

Winter Word-erland

I just remembered this e-card job I did last year that I never posted anything about. It was for a christmas mail out and had some blurb about how snowflakes are formed and what makes them unique - I figure the middle of June is as good a time as any to share some frosty illustrations.

(apart from winter, that would clearly be a much better time)

Pack Xerxes

Last month my band Married to the Sea unleashed a new cd titled 'Pack Xerxes', featuring four of our latest belters. I cooked up this artwork for the sleeve and the disc design too - my only requirements being that it looks fun when it's spinning. You can buy it here at our website, you lucky sods.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Congratulations Dave and Siobhan

Once again, my friend Niki has commissioned me to do an illustration for her friends wedding. This time the happy couple are Dave and Siobhan - the brief was to include Edinburgh Castle in some way, and a pirate theme was also requested. I'm pretty pleased with the results!

10 Bands 10 Minutes - The Purple One

Once again we're hosting another 10 Bands 10 Minutes gig at the Kazimier, and this time it's a tribute to that oh-so-sexy MF - Prince. Everyone's had a rib removed in preparation, and we'll be following the gig with the Gold Soundz dj's dropping diamonds & pearls until the wee hours.

The following thieves will be in the temple:

Married to the Sea
Good Grief
Hillary & The Democrats
Vasco da Gama
Alpha Male Tea Party
Cavalier Song
Vette Brakes
So Sexual
Stock Footage

Also, check out this great clip of Prince on the Muppets.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm all out of bubblegum II: One last Thing...

It's finally here! Pterodactyl squad have released their excellent John Carpenter tribute album featuring artwork from me - it's a great compilation of chiptune reworkings of John Carpenter themes, and the level of care and imagination that has gone into them is insane. I don't know which is my favourite, but you can download it for free here and decide for yourself.

To celebrate the release, I've put together this advert - feel free to re-post it and spread the word!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Amazing World o' Stuff #2 - Gig poster

Update: I'll be playing with Elle S'appelle at the aforementioned Used Vinyl Club with The Loose Moose String Band in March - only went and did the poster for that too, didn't I?

The Amazing World o' Stuff

Over the last year I've helped out with keyboard duties for my friend Andy in his band Elle S'appelle - he's been recording a belter of an album by himself and I've stepped in here and there to either record a bit or play live when needed. Next month he'll be doing a limited release of the album at his new band night, so I whipped up some artwork for it:

My keyboard playing is up for debate but the night is going to be undeniably boss, and the album is totally killer. Here's a link to the night and also to a video of us playing at the Pixies 10 Bands night...

Brian Blog #3: We have been Blessed with a child...

Work is continuing with this latest Brian Blessed app, and I managed to pull a few string and get this amazing nugget as a present for my friend Alex to celebrate him becoming a father - it really couldn't have gone any better, and Brian really pulled out all the stops.

I thought I was a fan before, but now I fully love him - the man doesn't appear to have an off switch.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

10 Bands 10 Minutes - A Neil Young tribute

It's that time again - this Saturday we're hosting another 10 Bands night, and the theme is Neil Young. Aside from a change of venue (this time at The Kazimier) it's business as usual: 10 bands/artists each doing a 10 minute set, and each featuring at least one song by everyone's favourite brute with the fragile voice. It's a great line-up and there'll be a few fun collaborations happening this time, so make sure you get there in time to catch everybody.

As usual, I've put together a poster to mark the event. I wasn't sure what artwork to base it on this time, but I settled on an interpretation of the classic Harvest typography - can't help thinking it would have been easier to base it on this effort though...

(Incidentally, I found this belter of an illustration by John Allison the other day and became instantly frustrated that I didn't do something more along these lines. Balls.)