Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Amazing World o' Stuff #2 - Gig poster

Update: I'll be playing with Elle S'appelle at the aforementioned Used Vinyl Club with The Loose Moose String Band in March - only went and did the poster for that too, didn't I?

The Amazing World o' Stuff

Over the last year I've helped out with keyboard duties for my friend Andy in his band Elle S'appelle - he's been recording a belter of an album by himself and I've stepped in here and there to either record a bit or play live when needed. Next month he'll be doing a limited release of the album at his new band night, so I whipped up some artwork for it:

My keyboard playing is up for debate but the night is going to be undeniably boss, and the album is totally killer. Here's a link to the night and also to a video of us playing at the Pixies 10 Bands night...

Brian Blog #3: We have been Blessed with a child...

Work is continuing with this latest Brian Blessed app, and I managed to pull a few string and get this amazing nugget as a present for my friend Alex to celebrate him becoming a father - it really couldn't have gone any better, and Brian really pulled out all the stops.

I thought I was a fan before, but now I fully love him - the man doesn't appear to have an off switch.