Friday, 30 October 2009

Field Music in Liverpool

Liverpool Music Week is fast approaching and I'm doing the poster for our show with Field Music, Hot Club de Paris, House That Jack Built and Meow Meow.
I'm not sure whether this idea is finished, it doesn't feel quite done yet but unless I crack it soon - well, this might be the finished jobby...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hello Digger E.P Launch

Following on from a previous post concerning artwork for my bands ep, I can now happily announce that we're launching it next week. It'll be a free show with our friends Puzzle who are also releasing a cd, and we'll have support from House That Jack Built and Cavalier. I've rustled up this poster on Illustrator and did the thing that I often do when I've got all the text and no idea for an image - make the text the image and act like that was the plan all along.
(Incidentally, I created this font to be used for a band logo and I might develop it for use so keep your eyes peeled if you like it.)