Monday, 29 November 2010

All I know is... there were rumours...

It's that time again - we're putting on another 10 bands 10 minutes show, and this time everyone's going to cover Pixies songs. Playing on the night are:

Married to the Sea
Elle S'appelle
House That Jack Built
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies
Dire Wolfe
The Loose Moose String Band
Hillary and the Democrats
Stephen Hudson

I've done a black and white poster to promote it around Liverpool, and I'm working on ideas for a colour version to sell on the night. It's going to be absolutely boss.

Back in Blue

I'm back on tour again with The Bluetones, so I've done another Charley Harper inspired poster* - this time we're doing 18 dates, which is plenty of time to either become best friends or mortal enemies. So far, so good...

* not that there's any link between him and the band - he's just a class act, and I figured it was a more grown-up audience than usual who might respond to a mildly classy illustration.