Monday, 29 November 2010

All I know is... there were rumours...

It's that time again - we're putting on another 10 bands 10 minutes show, and this time everyone's going to cover Pixies songs. Playing on the night are:

Married to the Sea
Elle S'appelle
House That Jack Built
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies
Dire Wolfe
The Loose Moose String Band
Hillary and the Democrats
Stephen Hudson

I've done a black and white poster to promote it around Liverpool, and I'm working on ideas for a colour version to sell on the night. It's going to be absolutely boss.

Back in Blue

I'm back on tour again with The Bluetones, so I've done another Charley Harper inspired poster* - this time we're doing 18 dates, which is plenty of time to either become best friends or mortal enemies. So far, so good...

* not that there's any link between him and the band - he's just a class act, and I figured it was a more grown-up audience than usual who might respond to a mildly classy illustration.

Monday, 11 October 2010

That pesky giraffe...

Here's a couple of short-notice posters I put together without much time to spare - all I could think of using was this dinky little giraffe in both cases, although I managed to pop some support from a monkey and frog into the Bright Light one.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Sustainable Health Partnership

I've put together a couple of posters for The Sustainable Health Partnership, illustrating the balance of funding in the NHS and the instabilities in public health systems - note the little team of guys investigating the volcano.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Poster, QUICK!

I rustled up this poster for the Harlem gig in Manchester, and wasted a day inventing a classy font which I didn't even use - sometimes when a band has songs with names like 'Psychedelic Tits' and all their myspace top friends are dogs in hats, you don't really need to worry about class.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

My sister Elizabeth recently turned 30, so I did this print for her as a present.
We used to slide down the stairs on fold out brown mattresses into piles out of cushions - it was brilliant.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Where did you go?

On Saturday we'll be setting off on tour with the Bluetones for a few weeks, so I've been working on a poster for them to flog each night. Its a work in progress, and a nod to an early album cover of theirs (as well as the illustrator Charley Harper).

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tour poster via indecision

I ran out of time and laptop battery when I was doing this poster, and I couldn't work out whether or not aspects of it should stay or go, or if it was even any good - too late now anyway, they're at the printers because we set off on THURSDAY.
Can't wait.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Entschuldigen sie bitte!

Guten Tag!In October 2008, we toured Germany for a fortnight and it was amazing... and now we're finally heading back! I've been prepping some artwork for the jaunt, here's what I've got so far:
First is a flyer for our single launch with En Transit in Frankfurt, followed by a standard poster to be sent to all the venues with a gap for any venue specific details. I should be making a special tour poster with all the dates on too, once they're all confirmed.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Meet me in Montauk

This is another film illustration thats been unfinished for a while, so I've just decided to settle with it as it is. I did it all from scratch on Illustrator as a way of becoming familiar with the software, but in retrospect I think it would have benefited from combining hand drawn elements like in the Groundhog Day series I did.
Still, boss film.

Strap your hands across my engines

This is the finished print for the Springsteen tribute gig we did, encorporating the stars & stripes and some massive muscles. The gig was brill, and this years plan is to do 10 bands gigs a lot more frequently - there's possible ones in the pipeline for Pavement, Pixies and maybe Talking Heads, and I'll be doing limited prints for all of them.
If you want to buy this print or any of the previous ones, pitch an email my way!

10 Bands 10 Minutes - Springsteen flyer

We had another 10 Bands 10 Minutes gig, and this time around I made a separate photocopy-able flyer to promote it. There were a lot of details to cram in and it kind of made the colour print look confusing when I tried to include them, so having this separate one solved that problem - I also couldn't decide on an idea, and this way let me do both of them.