Tuesday, 5 February 2013

10 Bands 10 Minutes: Believe the Rumours!

Wow. I'm still processing how great this gig was.

10 Bands Fleetwood Mac was a total barnstormer, surpassing every one we've done so far.

The Kazimier sold out by the time the second band were on, everyone playing brought their A-game, and there was a queue round the block all night. I can't wait for the tenth 10 Bands 10 Minutes - it's David Bowie themed and it's totally going to topple Liverpool into the sea.

Photos here!

Married to the Sea: Die Gruselige Tour

Last Halloween, Married to the Sea decided to return to Germany for the first time in two long years - and like a tsunami of virgins blood, we engulfed the Fatherland with our terrifying brand of indie pop once more.

Despite being constantly bloodcurdling and relentlessly hell bent, we had the greatest time.

Plus, I made these posters!!!

10 Bands, 10 Minutes, 10 One Hit Wonders

Back in September we hosted another 10 Bands gig at the Kazimier, and managed to once again get more people than ever to come, and to somehow perform whilst being 100% leathered.

It was amazing, and the poster was suitably loud and stupid.