Thursday, 12 January 2012

10 Bands 10 Minutes - A Neil Young tribute

It's that time again - this Saturday we're hosting another 10 Bands night, and the theme is Neil Young. Aside from a change of venue (this time at The Kazimier) it's business as usual: 10 bands/artists each doing a 10 minute set, and each featuring at least one song by everyone's favourite brute with the fragile voice. It's a great line-up and there'll be a few fun collaborations happening this time, so make sure you get there in time to catch everybody.

As usual, I've put together a poster to mark the event. I wasn't sure what artwork to base it on this time, but I settled on an interpretation of the classic Harvest typography - can't help thinking it would have been easier to base it on this effort though...

(Incidentally, I found this belter of an illustration by John Allison the other day and became instantly frustrated that I didn't do something more along these lines. Balls.)