Thursday, 21 January 2010

Meet me in Montauk

This is another film illustration thats been unfinished for a while, so I've just decided to settle with it as it is. I did it all from scratch on Illustrator as a way of becoming familiar with the software, but in retrospect I think it would have benefited from combining hand drawn elements like in the Groundhog Day series I did.
Still, boss film.

Strap your hands across my engines

This is the finished print for the Springsteen tribute gig we did, encorporating the stars & stripes and some massive muscles. The gig was brill, and this years plan is to do 10 bands gigs a lot more frequently - there's possible ones in the pipeline for Pavement, Pixies and maybe Talking Heads, and I'll be doing limited prints for all of them.
If you want to buy this print or any of the previous ones, pitch an email my way!

10 Bands 10 Minutes - Springsteen flyer

We had another 10 Bands 10 Minutes gig, and this time around I made a separate photocopy-able flyer to promote it. There were a lot of details to cram in and it kind of made the colour print look confusing when I tried to include them, so having this separate one solved that problem - I also couldn't decide on an idea, and this way let me do both of them.